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Mahatma Gandhi Information English

Mahatma Gandhi Information In Hindi
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Mahatma Gandhi Information English

Mahatma Gandhi Information English:- Whenever there is mention of freedom of India – We will always be grateful to them for the sacrifice and contribution of all those freedom fighters. Because of their sacrifices.

We are living the life of freedom today. Mahatma Gandhi was also one of those great patriots, due to his hard efforts, our country was liberated from the slavery of the British.

Because of his significant contributions to the independence of India, there is an eagerness to know about Mahatma Gandhi along with India as well as people of the whole world.

Let us share important information about his life by introducing the Mahatma Gandhi Information English on the auspicious occasion of his birthday.

Mahatma Gandhi Information In Hindi
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Birth and Early Life of Gandhiji | Mahatma Gandhi Information English

Mahatma Gandhi (Mohan Das Karamchandra Gandhi) was born on 2nd October-1869 at Porbandar in Gujarat.

A small legacy of Gandhiji’s father, Shri Karamchandra Gandhi Kathiawar, was the Chief Minister of Porbandar.

Her mother-daughter was the fourth wife of her father. His mother, Puthli Bai, was a religious woman.

His father, Karamchand Gandhi, belonged to the Parsari caste of Hindu religion (Sanatan Dharma). Gandhiji had a lot of affection for parents from the beginning.

Mahatma Gandhi’s Education & Marriage:- Mahatma Gandhi’s primary education came from Kathiawar. After that, he passed the high school examination from Rajkot.

Gandhiji was a little bit reluctant, obedient, and always respected elders from his childhood. After matriculation, He goes to Bhavnagar for completing College.

According to Mahatma Gandhi’s autobiography, he was average in studies.

In childhood, Mahatma Gandhi was married at the age of 14 with Kasturbai Makhanji Kapadia. Gandhi Ji reduced his wife’s name to Kasturba and used to call her with love.

Mohandas and Kasturba Gandhi were the first children at the age of 15, but the child survived for a few days. And same year his father, Karamchand Gandhi, died too.

After that, four children were brought to Mohandas and Kasturba. Harilal Gandhi 1888, Manilal Gandhi 1892, Ram Das Gandhi 1897, and Devdas Gandhi were born in 1900.

Mahatma Gandhi Information In Hindi

Google ImageGandhi was unhappy at the time of his studies from Shamaldas College. Because the people of his family wanted him to be a barrister.

At the age of 19, Gandhi went to London to study law. After getting a barrister degree from London.

Gandhiji came back to India and started practicing advocacy. But he did not get much success in this work.

South Africa tour of Mahatma Gandhi | Mahatma Gandhi Information English

Only then a company based in South Africa offered him the post of legal adviser. By accepting this proposal, Gandhiji left for Africa.

And there he stayed for 20 years. By staying in Africa Gandhiji fought a lot of legal tunes for the people. And in South Africa, Mahatma Gandhi faced problems like dying.

Once, when he was sitting in the special compartment of the train, he was unarmed and down.

Distinguishing this kind of color and injustice left the Mahatma Gandhi jumble and he resolved to raise voice against this injustice.

After that, Gandhi opposed the color discrimination there, due to which he had to face bigger problems. But they did not fall prey to this but became more active to honor the Hindus living in Africa.

There he leads”Disobedience Movement” against injustice people, which was very successful in their motive.

 Mahatma Gandhi’s arrival in India | Mahatma Gandhi Information English

1915 Gandhi returned to India leaving South Africa. At that time, the whole of India was flush with the atrocities committed by the people.

With the tyranny and exploitation of British rule, the Indian public was suffering from poverty and hunger. The whole country was in bad shape due to poverty and hunger.

From the farmers and poor people, the British government was charging so much tax and leaning that people were forced to die of hunger.

The cooperatives were being punished by poor people by cooperating with the British and they were suppressed with ruthlessness to raise their voices.

In such a situation Gandhiji jumped into freedom struggle to compete with the British.

Mahatma Gandhi Information In Hindi

Champaran and Kheda Satyagraha movement

After returning to India, Gandhi joined the freedom struggle. And in the Indian National Congress session, he expressed his views.

But Gandhiji got popularity in Champaran and Kheda Satyagraha movement. The landowners were exploiting the poor farmers after getting the protection of the British rule in Champaran and Kheda.

Gandhi ji did Satyagraha against the exploitation of farmers. Due to that Satyagraha, Gandhiji was arrested and ordered to leave the place.

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But after millions of people coming out on the road, the British government had to leave them without any condition.

After the successful Satyagraha of Champaran and Kheda, in which Gandhiji liberated the poor farmers from the crime of the collectors, due to which Mahatma Gandhi’s level became very high.

And their selfless service towards the common people became a separate image between the people.

Gandhiji chose a medium of separation from violence, non-cooperation and non-violence path to fight against the British.

Although initially many people did not agree with Gandhiji’s non-violence views. Because people thought that dealing with non-violence against the brutal policies of the British Government would not be effective.

But later people agreed not only with their thoughts, but more and more people came forward in their support.

After coming to Mahatma Gandhi’s freedom struggle, a wave of hope was run across India.

Mahatma Gandhi Information In Hindi
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Non-cooperation movement | Mahatma Gandhi Information English

On April 13, 1919, a meeting was going on in Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar to oppose the Role Act on Baisakhi.

In which a British officer named Jarnell Dyer opened fire on innocent people for no reason. Thus, in the sudden rush of bullets, more than 1000 people were killed there and more than 2000 were injured.

The massacre spread all over India against the British Government. Mahatma Gandhi suffered a major blow from the atrocities committed by the British government.

Gandhiji also chose the path of peace and non-violence for opposing such an event. In protest of this incident, Gandhi launched the Non-Cooperation Movement.

In this movement people stopped supporting the government, such as students left school, the lawyers refused to go to court and people in the whole country stopped supporting the British government.

The non-cooperation movement aimed at not helping any kind of violence, by the British Government, any kind of help from the British government.

Withdrawal of non-cooperation movement | Mahatma Gandhi Information English

But in 1922, in Chauri Chaura, near Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh, the Indians set fire to the British government police post there.

Because of which 22 police personnel who were hidden in him died alive. Mahatma Gandhi had said this incident, that after this kind of violence.

The non-cooperation movement was no longer suitable and withdrew the non-cooperation movement.

Mahatma Gandhi Information In Hindi
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Salt Satyagraha

Salt Satyagraha was one of the important movements initiated by Gandhiji. At that time, the British government had kept its monopoly on all the necessities of everyday life.

At that time the countrymen had no right to make the salt used every day. And our nationals had to pay many times more money for the salt coming from England, its actual value.

To protest against this act of British government, on March 12, 1930, Gandhi, after passing a 24-day journey to Sabarmati Ashram, reached Dandi and broke the law by making salt.

After that, the foundation of the English government was shaken by what happened. After the arrest of Gandhi, people took the initiative to make salt in the whole country. A lot of people were arrested for this work.

People from all over the country came together to get rid of the British Government’s rocks, which caused the British government to sleep in the night.

Salt could easily be made on the beaches, but the people were helpless because of the monopoly of the British government. But due to the leadership of Gandhiji, leading the wave against the country.

Swaraj movement

The word Swarajya means “Your kingdom”, the motto of moving the Swarajya movement was to achieve independence.

Some people considered absolute independence rare, gave good government priority.

But according to Gandhiji, the meaning of Swarajya was with a system governed by the people’s representatives, which is in line with the expectations and needs of the common people.

Therefore, the idea of Swaraj of Gandhiji was a movement of boycotting the economic, social, political, legal, and educational institutions of the British government.

Mahatma Gandhi Information In Hindi
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Harijan movement | Mahatma Gandhi Information English

Due to the degeneration of chronology in India, the distinction of caste was at its peak, and the Dalits were considered untouchables.

Seeing that the Dalit name seems to be abusive, a Dalit from Gujarat suggested Mahatma Gandhi name the Harijans for the Dalits.

Gandhiji liked this name and after that, the name came into vogue rapidly.

Through the movement of Gandhiji, the end of the perverted tradition of caste – touched and Untouched – started.

However, the Harijans rejected Bhim Rao Ambedkar as his leader by rejecting Gandhi. But the Harijan movement made by Mahatma Gandhi played an important role in the development and upliftment of the Harijans.

Quit India Movement | Mahatma Gandhi Information English

During the Second World War, Gandhi was in favor of giving non-communal moral support to the A grade.

But due to opposition from Congress leaders, Gandhiji later announced that India will not support any party in this war. As the Second World War grew, Gandhi demanded freedom for the British, the British made the movement “Quit India”.

Quit India Movement gradually became the biggest movement of struggle with Indian independence war.

In this movement, Swatantranatha Sangram Kartani was killed in thousands. And a large number of people were injured, and thousands of volunteer fighters were arrested. And the English government also arrested Gandhiji.

This time of imprisonment for Gandhiji was very difficult. At the time of imprisonment, where his wife Kasturba Gandhi died. The second and his personal secretary Mahadev Desai died of heart attack.

The death of Mahatma Gandhi | Mahatma Gandhi Information English

Death of Mahatma Gandhi Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated on January 30, 1948, by Nathuram Godse. When Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated, he was in Birla House, New Delhi.

Later, Nathu Ram Godse was sentenced to death for the murder of Gandhiji. Gandhi Ji was killed by three bullets, the last word from his mouth was “Hey Ram”. After his death, his Samadhi site was built on Rajghat of New Delhi.

The country mourns the death of Mahatma Gandhi, the hero of India’s independence. He was such a great leader who expelled the British government without any weapon.

He devoted his whole life to the welfare of the country. Because of his actions, thoughts, and discipline, his life is a source of inspiration for the whole world.

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